Dare 2 Aspire is more than a conference, it is a hands on approach built with collaboration, networking, and real business advice to assist women and Moms to start and grow profitable businesses. We love hearing from our attendees, speakers, bloggers, and sponsors. All our testimonies are 100% Real.

  • It was very educational. I learned so much for Dare 2 Aspire 2012. It is truly a life changing experience.

    Ngozi Onyekwuluje
  • Absolutely inspiring, informative, entertaining, and fun.

    Donna Newman-Robinson
  • Great event. I loved the variety of topics. I made some great connections.

    Brandi Starr
  • The conference was educating, interesting, and most of all inspiring.

    Sophie Ajoku
  • This was a phenomenal event. I learned so much today and met some amazing people. I look forward to taking the things that I learned and putting them into motion. Thanks so much Tosi, may the Creator continue to bless you.

    Tiffany Powell
  • Great conference! Very inspirational, encouraging, and motivational.

    Pamela Almond Hope
  • Excellent. I am so glad I attended this event. I look forward to the next event and will bring friends.

    Karen Hammonds
  • This conference has restored, renewed, and honored my vision for my business and life. I loved this and would like to participate at the next conference as a vendor. Thank you so much.

    Carla Foster
  • Awesome Event. I really enjoyed Denise and Crystal. Lots of informative information. Kudos to Dare 2 Aspire. Agatha and Dominque were awesome as well.

    Dea Winfrey
  • Awesome, inspiring event. Full of information, I loved it.

    Godwin Nkumeh
  • Amazing conference for current business owners as well as for those thinking about starting a business.

    Nwakaego Nkumeh
  • Great and helpful information given from all the speakers.

    Salethia James
  • Very informative and current information. Helpful for people who are in between yesterday and tomorrow.

    Helen Gavoe
  • Great JOB Tosi!!!

    Quida Davis
  • Dare 2 Aspire has equipped me with the necessary tools and knowledge to grow my business. I now feel inspired to make my dreams come true and in taking my business to a prosperous level.

    Natalyn Sofola
  • It was very wonderful. I will definitely be at the next Dare 2 Aspire conference.

    Grace Mogbo
  • Speakers shared heart wrenching testimonies and were very transparent.

    Bobbi Holman
  • The fact that I walked away with a new found respect for dealing with obstacles.

    Yolanda Thomas
  • Executive Producer The Session Talk Show Dare 2 Aspire was a great experience. The event was totally uplifting to everyone in attendance. To hear the testimonies of the Honorees gave true organic insight to the peeks and valleys of being a successful entrepreneur. The event was totally awesome. I encourage everyone to attend the next Dare 2 Aspire Conference.

    Michael “Cam” Jefferson
  • Dare2Aspire is a do not miss conference. It is where I can learn, grow and encourage as I am encouraged. The size is perfect to be able to take it all in and feel like you're surrounded by your biggest fans. You leave knowing you can do this in business and in life.

    Stephanie Gilbert
  • I had an incredible time at the Dare 2 Aspire Conference last year. Connecting with many other women in business was really beneficial. I love the information from all the speakers, especially Lisa Price. I will definitely attend again.

  • I was a speaker at Dare 2 Aspire Conference last year and it was life changing. The event was well organized and powerful. I shared valuable nuggets about starting a designer handbag line and also connected with so many amazing women in business. Dare 2 Aspire was incredible. Definitely one of the best events I have participated in...

    Alexandria Alli, CEO of F&W Style
  • Dare2Aspire is a powerful, uplifting event where you're surrounded by inspiring, successful women entrepreneurs. You leave excited and motivated - your head and heart bursting with ways to improve your business and make a difference!

    Rena Hedeman
  • Owner Bausy Books I attended the Dare 2 Aspire conference for the first time last year in 2017. It was Phenomenal. It was very empowering to be in a room full of women entrepreneurs and business owners and hear them share their business successes, trials and tribulations. I left feeling so empowered and inspired. If you are a woman in business, you must attend Dare 2 Aspire Conference. The networking was truly amazing.

    Arnesha Bobo
  • I have performed at the last 6 Dare 2 Aspire Conferences and I love each one. Dare 2 Aspire delivers knowledge and it is geared to impart that knowledge to all who attend. The energy of the speakers, attendees, everyone is there to help and share knowledge. Great conference.

    Prince A Martin III