Melissia Rene

What does determination and grit look like? Melissia Rene would answer her spirit is the true embodiment of all of the above.

Born in Belleville Illinois, Melissia spent her childhood between St. Louis and Las Vegas. Melissia was deemed a social butterfly by her peers and made friends fast. Living in an area of grandeur helped her realize her dreams of acting, so Melissia surrounded herself with people who brought out the natural star status from within. It wasn’t long that Melissia found herself going down a path she was not quite ready for so early in life. Finding herself pregnant at the age of 16, though scared, Melissia was able to find innerstrength to mold a new path.

With the support of her parents, Melissia found the courage and determination to press forward. Her naturally sweet, inviting personality later attracted the love of her life when she met a young ambitious boxer, Floyd Mayweather, Jr. Though the love affair ended, their friendship grew deeply all while being doting parents to daughter, Iyanna Mayweather. The experiences she cultivated as a young woman only just begun, all while setting the tone of becoming a successful yet determined entrepreneur.

Melissia discovered her hidden talents in the business of celebrating women: the beauty industry. With that, she created “Devanna Love”, a boutique beauty bar specializing in trendy women’s fashion, select designer apparel and TMT specialty items. The establishment supports women with helping them find their inner strength within.

Outside of being a budding entrepreneur, Melissia’s philanthropic efforts are nothing short of phenomenal. She lends her time to various organizations such as The Shade Tree, Las Vegas Rescue Mission and Safe Nest in addition to helping at-risk youth through various non- profit organizations. Through it all, Melissia has emerged through the fray as a successful businesswoman, philanthropist and motivational speaker.

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